What is Fiber Art?

Fiber art is a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, natural, and synthetic fibers. It focuses on the materials and on the manual labor involved as part of its significance. A fiber artist creates works of art from fibers of any sort, including yarn and thread. However, almost any material can be rendered into a fiber, and this fact makes for rather surprising fiber art.

Stitching using various threads, yarns, and fibers on even weave cotton canvas is one of the methods Joan Wolfer uses to create her beautiful pieces. She also uses mixed media fibers, fabric, painting, paper, wood, and embellishments of every sort to balance life and nature into her pieces. Instead of using a loom to hand-stitch her wall hangings, she pulls canvases taut across an old curtain stretcher.

You will enjoy the colors and the warmth they add to your home.