About Joan

Artist's Statement

The tactile quality of yarn, thread, and fabric inspires me to imagine, dream, and wonder what images can emerge under my fingers.  The combination of canvaswork and free machine stitching gives texture and depth to the art piece.  Each of my fiber works are experimental, each different, never repeated and individually created.

Artist's Bio

Making use of workshops, libraries, books, and artists' shows is the background for my knowledge of art.  I have worked in the fiber field for thirty years.  My art pieces have appeared in juried, invitational, and international shows.



My work has been included in these books and magazines:


Artistry in Fiber Volume 1 Wall Art 2018
Artistry in Fiber Volume 2 Sculpture 2018
1000 Artisan Textiles 2010
Fiber Arts Design Books #1, 2, and 5


Surface Design Journal - 2006
Through the Needles' Eye - 2007
Fiber Art Now Summer - 2014